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Rental Property Preventative Maintenance Plan

We Want to Help Protect Your Investment

We work in rental properties everyday. The challenge of managing these properties is greatly effected by the shear number of them in Camden County. One of the most expensive repairs rental properties incur are repairs to or the replacement of HVAC systems. While repairs and/or replacements are necessary in long term upkeep, there is an excessive amount of premature failures caused from dirty filters and lack of maintenance.
The Facts
  • A dirty air filter can cause extensive damage to your system
  • 80% of all compressor failures can be avoided with proper maintenance
  • A dirty coil can put significant stress on the systems internal components
  • If freon has ever been added to the system - there is a leak
  • Small problems can lead to major repairs
The Solution
The Preventative Maintenance Plan with AC Service Center!
  • 2 System Checks each year
  • 15% discount on all parts for repairs
  • Preferred service with priority scheduling
  • Pictures to document condition of equipment
  • 12 AC Filters Each Year with post
With the acceleration of the phase out of R22 freon there has never before been a more important time to have a HVAC contractor you can trust. If there is a failure in the equipment we will give you a written estimate covering all available options for repair. We have staff available during regular business hours that are knowledgeable and available to discuss any issue in regards to the HVAC system. We will work with your management company for access to the property and also ensure that maintenance records are provided to them for inclusion with the property file. Our mission is to provide you with the most professional, honest and reliable service in Camden County.
The Benefits
  • Saves Money on Needed Repairs
  • Protects Your Investment
  • Prolongs Equipment Life
  • Provides Documentation to Maintain Optimal Efficiency Levels
$198.00 Per Year or $16.50 Per Month
**Add $99.00 per year for each additional AC system per property or $8.25 per month
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