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The Good Things Cancer Can Cause…

Life is so busy for most of us. I used to be caught up in the typical rat race; job, home, spouse, kids and all of the typical day to day chores. Life was good or so we thought.

My husband, Keith, and I had been married 33 years. We were getting ready to go on our first cruise! But a strange string of events left me setting in the doctor’s office in April 2012. And it was at that moment when I heard the words “You Have Cancer” that really good things started to happen. Not right away of course. I completed the treatment journey that so many have done. It was a very scary time in life but with lots of support and love from my family I made it safely through.

The end of December 2012 I finished up treatment. And to my surprise I also finished up with my job. The owner was retiring and several of us were then unemployed. A lot of things ended that month and as they did a new door was opening for all of the really good things to come!

Cancer has a way of making you humble and helping you to understand the really important things life is trying to teach you. Hopes and dreams only come true when you make them come true. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow and what really matters is what you do today. Hard work is not hard at all when you love the results. There is nothing more precious than your family.

AC Service Center was born. From concept to reality I made it happen. Not just for me but for my family. I beat cancer! I started a business! And before I knew it, I was making hopes and dreams come true.

AC Service Center is unique. We are women owned and operated. We have women techs. We are “new school” with all of the latest technology. We are “old school” with the knowledge to get everything we can out of that old AC system. We have the only father/daughter tech team. We are two generations working with the knowledge and experience to solve all of our customer comfort needs.

We are AC Service Center led through the eyes and heart of a Survivor.